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Worth Every Penny: PPC Advertising Increases Staffing Firm's Facebook Reach by 3,800% in ONE Month!

Strategic PPC advertising helped this client reach thousands of new prospective candidates, generating 47 new followers and 208 new site visitors in a short amount of time.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge

Boost our client's social media presence to optimize the value of their Social Pro spend—and attract new candidates.

The Solution

Implement PPC to maximize the reach of their organic posts.

The Results

Facebook reach increased 3,800%, with 47 new followers from PPC in the campaign's first month. PPC campaigns are optimized to reach new followers that are relevant to their geographic location and industries, ensuring this audience is beneficial to them.

SelecSource has five branches across the Georgia region. Specializing primarily in manufacturing and professional staffing, SelecSource prides itself on being solutions-minded and service-first.

Before consulting the experts at Haley Marketing, SelecSource struggled to reach new candidates with their organic social posts. They came to us with the goal of attracting new candidates and increasing the reach of their posts on Facebook.

The Goal: To help our client optimize the reach of their Facebook posts—and their marketing dollars.

The Solution

Experience has shown us that organic social posts and PPC campaigns are extremely effective when used in conjunction with one another. So, our Social Pro team recommended adding PPC to SelecSource’s overall marketing strategy to boost the reach of their social content. Although our client was hesitant to increase their marketing spend, they were impressed with the average results of other clients’ PPC campaigns and immediately added the service.

The Results

Although it usually takes 2 to 3 months to fully optimize a PPC campaign to see results, SelecSource saw significant increases in social reach and new site visitors in just ONE month!

  • 9,693 Facebook users reached (↑ 3,800%)
  • 47 new Facebook followers
  • 208 new site visitors
  • A significant increase in organic visitors

These results will only continue to grow through the course of the campaign.

In our client’s words…

“Clearly, that was money well spent.”
–Tony Trombetta, Executive Vice President of SelecSource

Boost the reach of your social media posts!

Paid advertising goes hand in hand with your organic social media posts. Get in touch with one of our PPC experts to learn how PPC can optimize your social content—and your marketing budget.

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