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[Stage] Tom Kosnik – A Masterclass on Markups and Pricing Strategy

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On Take the Stage, presented by Haley Marketing, we bring you the BEST speakers, coaches, trainers, and strategic partners from across the staffing and recruiting industry every other week. More than your standard interview, each conversation is built off of a specific session or topic these industry thought leaders bring to conferences and audiences around the country.


On this episode of Take the Stage, Brad Bialy is joined by Tom Kosnik, the staffing industry’s leading expert offering a unique combination of business consulting acumen and experience to independent staffing firms. They discuss the importance of developing a true pricing strategy and how to analyze markups. Tom emphasizes the need to collect and analyze data on pay rates, bill rates, and burdens. He also explains how to create a financial model and run a financial analysis on every account to ensure profitability. They touch on the challenge of differentiating the staffing industry and the value it provides. Tune in to gain valuable insights and strategies for running a successful staffing firm.



Brad Bialy 

Brad Bialy has a deep passion for helping staffing and recruiting firms achieve their business objectives through strategic digital marketing. For over a decade, Brad has developed a proven track record of motivating and educating staffing industry professionals at over 100 industry-specific conferences and webinars.
As a visionary leader, Brad has helped guide the comprehensive marketing strategy of more than 300 staffing and recruiting firms. His keen eye for strategy and delivery has resulted in multiple industry award-winning social media campaigns, making him a sought-after expert and speaker in the industry.


Tom Kosnik


Tom Kosnik is the staffing industry’s leading expert offering a unique combination of business consulting acumen and experience to independent staffing firms. Tom advises on all aspects of running a staffing firm including organizational performance; change management; strategic planning; financial analysis; compensation plan design; process and profit improvements and business value enhancement to help staffing firms across the country improve operations and the bottom line.

In 1995, Tom started the Presidents’ RoundTable program to improve leadership capabilities of independent staffing firms’ management through creative idea generation, sharing, collaborating and addressing industry challenges. The RoundTables have expanded to include CFOs, COOs, and CMOs.

Tom is the only consultant for independent staffing firms with a degree in Organizational Development (M.A. from Bowling Green State University) and a B.A. in psychology from Seattle University. He has a Masters of Divinity degree from Catholic Theological Union and is also certified with the Center for Creative Leadership. This specialized educational and professional background equips him with a unique skill set for guiding independent staffing firms.

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