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[Stage] Rachelle Arnold – Why You’re Not Getting Enough Employee Referrals

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On Take the Stage, presented by Haley Marketing, we bring you the BEST speakers, coaches, trainers, and strategic partners from across the staffing and recruiting industry every other week. More than your standard interview, each conversation is built off of a specific session or topic these industry thought leaders bring to conferences and audiences around the country.


0:01:21 Is there value in referral programs in the staffing industry
0:02:52 Challenges in implementing referral programs
0:04:29 Importance of reviews in determining referability
0:06:34 Assessing referability at the organizational and individual levels
0:07:49 The role of online reviews in determining referability
0:08:50 The significance of culture in referral programs
0:10:19 Building a strong culture in a remote work environment
0:11:30 Being intentional about communication and creating a referral culture
0:11:59 Creating a candidate experience worth talking about, like Disney World
0:12:44 Implementing a process for employee referral programs
0:13:54 Involving recruiters, talent, and accounting in the referral process
0:15:07 Keeping referrals a priority and providing updates to referrers
0:15:36 Importance of having a process in place for successful referrals
0:16:25 Treating referrals with a sense of urgency and providing scripts for recruiters
0:18:55 Holding recruiters accountable and creating KPIs for referrals
0:19:28 Leveraging recruiters’ relationship-building skills for referrals
0:21:49 Focusing on culture and experience rather than the referral bonus
0:23:10 The importance of offering a dual-sided referral bonus
0:24:48 Reasons why people don’t refer
0:27:10 Where to start with an employee referral program


Brad Bialy


Brad Bialy has a deep passion for helping staffing and recruiting firms achieve their business objectives through strategic digital marketing. For over a decade, Brad has developed a proven track record of motivating and educating staffing industry professionals at over 100 industry-specific conferences and webinars.

As a visionary leader, Brad has helped guide the comprehensive marketing strategy of more than 300 staffing and recruiting firms. His keen eye for strategy and delivery has resulted in multiple industry award-winning social media campaigns, making him a sought-after expert and speaker in the industry.


Rachelle Arnold


As head of Customer Experience, Rachelle oversees and ensures customers’ success with automated referral management. Rachelle was born and raised in New Orleans, LA, and graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a degree in Marketing in 2009. Her career started very early on in retail, moving up the ladder and eventually landing as store manager of a major retail brand at the age of 23. With a passion for customer service and a knowledge of running businesses, she joined GIFTED Healthcare, a healthcare staffing agency, in 2016. Rachelle held many roles at GIFTED but landed as Director of Recruitment for her last two years of employment there. She utilized Staffing Referrals as a customer for 2.5 years before joining the Staffing Referrals team in 2021. In her spare time, she spends time with her furbaby, Lola (who is a 4-year-old sheepadoodle) and teaches yoga.


Staffing Referrals

Staffing Referrals helps staffing agencies turn their unique talent network into their competitive advantage. Helping agencies source, engage, and place qualified candidates faster as the #1 Automated Referral Management™ (ARM) platform.

Trusted by top staffing agencies, Staffing Referrals enables you to source passive talent, improve the candidate experience, and increase recruiter productivity without interrupting your workflow. Staffing Referrals integrates seamlessly with industry-leading ATSs, including Bullhorn and AviontéBOLD.

Move away from spreadsheets and manual processes and embrace the digital transformation. Stop wasting money on boards. Start sourcing smarter.

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