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[Stage] Mark Winter – How to Structure an Effective Sales Strategy

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On Take the Stage, presented by Haley Marketing, we bring you the BEST speakers, coaches, trainers, and strategic partners from across the staffing and recruiting industry every other week. More than your standard interview, each conversation is built off of a specific session or topic these industry thought leaders bring to conferences and audiences around the country.


In this episode of Take the Stage, Brad Bialy is joined by Mark Winter, CEO of WinSource Group. Mark shares his expertise in driving sales performance and simplifying the sales process. They discuss the importance of having a sales strategy, identifying ideal customers, and being proactive in sales efforts. Mark emphasizes the need to focus on the customer’s needs and goals, rather than just selling people. He also provides valuable insights on tackling the market and measuring sales success. Tune in to gain valuable tips for improving your sales strategy and achieving better results.


Brad Bialy


Brad Bialy is the host of Take the Stage and InSights, the staffing industry’s leading podcasts with close to 175,000 downloads. He has a deep passion for helping staffing and recruiting firms achieve their business objectives through strategic marketing concepts. For over a decade, Brad has developed a proven track record of motivating and educating staffing industry professionals at over 150 industry-specific conferences and webinars. His keen eye for strategy and delivery has resulted in multiple industry award-winning social media campaigns, making him a sought-after speaker and expert.

Mark Winter


Mark is an expert at driving sales performance, keeping focus on customers, and keeping things simple. For 20 years, Mark has held every sales role out there- from Branch Manager to Vice President of Sales and Enablement for a $2.5 B publicly traded staffing company. During that time, he has spent countless hours figuring out what works and of course, what doesn’t. This enables Mark to sniff out things that are blocking performance, remove the barrier, and get people to act. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt and holds master certifications from some of the top sales training organizations in the world. Whether its strategic planning, sales process development, sales training, customer acquisition & engagement, sales team performance, or system and tool adoption- Mark can help get your team on track.

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