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From Guesswork to Precision: How Data Reshapes Staffing Firm Marketing Strategy

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In some ways, the staffing industry is a lot like sports.  

No, not because it’s a game. But because in staffing, like in sports, data is everything. 

At Haley Marketing, we live and breathe data. 

Data that shows what’s working for our clients. Data that shows what’s NOT working for our clients. Data that shows what tool is needed for a specific job. 

Data can completely transform your staffing firm’s marketing strategy – and we’re here to help analyze it and implement the right strategies based on it. 

Here are just a few of the areas where we use data to shape – or reshape – your firm’s marketing: 


Google Analytics data shows us what blog articles are performing well, and which ones aren’t. By “performing,” we mean things like: 

  • Views – how many times a blog post has been clicked on 
  • Time on page – how long visitors spend on the blog post 
  • Conversions – whether a visitor take an action path from that blog post 


Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about data. What keywords rank highest in Google and other search engines, what keywords drive the most traffic to your website, what keyword combinations encourage visitors to act… the list goes on. Our SEO team does meticulous research – and ongoing analysis – to ensure your website is firing on all cylinders. 


In the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising world, we ask ourselves one question: are we getting in front of the right eyeballs with our advertising? Our PPC experts leverage metrics like click-through rates, impressions, and cost-per-click to help your firm make the most of your advertising budget. 


In email marketing, we look at metrics like open rates, which subject lines get the most opens, time spent on emails, and more. The difference between a successful email marketing campaign and one that isn’t so successful can be determined by – you guessed it – using data to make informed decisions. 

Recruitment Marketing 

How much money should you be spending on your job advertising? What’s your cost-per-application (CPA)? How many applications are you getting per month? Are those applications quality applications? Finding the answers to these questions through data is the best way to make sure you’re managing your job ad budget effectively. (Our recruitment marketing team can help!). 

Feeling Overwhelmed? 

That’s okay – you don’t have to handle all this data by yourself. Our team of experts can help. In fact, we hold monthly AND quarterly meetings with our clients to go over the critical data – and the strategies we recommend based on those numbers. 

Have You Heard About Our Digital Marketing Bundles? 

Looking to sell more? Fill more orders? Find more candidates? Our digital marketing product bundles are the perfect solution – we’ll handle your digital marketing so you don’t have to! Explore our digital marketing bundles to get started. 

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