Can a Local Ads Campaign Boost Your Online Visibility?

When a nationwide staffing firm wasn’t getting the online engagement they needed for a local office, our PPC team stepped in with some strategic solutions.

Hartford Staffing Agency
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Case Study at a Glance

The firm was appearing on page five of the search results for “staffing agencies in Hartford.” Despite having more positive reviews and a higher star rating on Google Maps than all their competitors, their location outside the main city hurt their rankingsand gave an undeserved advantage to competitors 

The goal? To get in front of more prospects in the Hartford metro market and put this staffing firm on the map – literally! 

Client Background and Challenge

New England location of a nationwide staffing franchise with an office in Hartford, Connecticut. The firm staffs a wide range of roles in:

  • Administrative/Customer Service/Call Center
  • Light Industrial/Manufacturing/Warehouse
  • Aerospace
  • Finance
  • Insurance

The Solution

We initially ran a Google Search PPC campaign, but this didn’t fully solve the problem with Google Maps. So, our PPC team recommended Google Local Ads to increase online visibility where it mattered the most: on search engine results AND on Google Maps (visually putting the firm front and center):

  1. Google Local Ads are shown to users in the area based on the services they require. They differ from a standard search campaign in that they maximize the value of a Google My Business location, encouraging key actions (requests for directions, location information, etc.) and phone calls.
  2. Local ads can be shown on Google Search, Maps, YouTube, and Google Display – maximizing the firm’s reach to promote its location.
  3. The biggest value? Having a promoted pin on Google Maps and a more prominent position in the location listings.

The Results

  • 1,452,166 impressions in 6 months. Increased visibility keeps the firm top-of-mind on crucial channels – Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.
  • 3,304 Clicks (including Google My Business actions) in 6 months. The ads capture user interest and direct traffic back to either the Google My Business listing or a landing page on the firm’s website.
  • The firm now appears in more than 5,000 searches on Google Maps each month!
  • The firm’s Google My Business photos receive over 1,000% more views than competitors!

The Results Speak for Themselves

Could your staffing firm’s online visibility use some help? Get in touch with one of Haley Marketing Group’s digital advertising specialists to find out how a local advertising campaign can work for you.

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