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Penny Wise & Print Foolish

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Why Using a Professional Printer for Your Staffing Firm’s Marketing Makes Dollars and Sense.

Suppose you’ve hired an architectural firm to design your new office building.  This vendor is known for professional, award-winning designs that suit your budget and style.  When it comes to building it, however, would you try and save some money and do it yourself? Would you expect it to turn out as well as both you and the designers intended?  Yeah, you and your staff could probably finish the project and have a serviceable workspace.  But would it really be as nice and impressive as having a professional contractor do the work?

The same considerations come into play for your printed marketing collateral.  Haley Marketing Group’s design team creates your print materials with the expectation that they’ll be produced by a commercial print vendor.  The final artwork files are prepared in such a way that a professional printer can work with them.  They are not intended for — and are often incompatible with — the desktop inkjet printer in your office.  As nice as some color printers are these days, they simply can’t do as good a job as a print provider can.  The quality just isn’t the same and your audience CAN tell the difference.  The nicest design in the world can be rendered substandard, and even counterproductive, if it isn’t implemented properly.  Not to mention the actual costs of internally printing several hundred copies with the consumption of paper, ink supplies and time for your staff.  It’s more expensive than you think.  When you compare that to the price of a professional printer, you can see how this is one of those “penny wise and pound foolish” situations — especially with the quality and quick turnaround of today’s digital print solutions.

Now, if you want to print the materials yourself, that’s fine.  Just please tell us at the outset.  We can design and prepare files that will work within the limitations of a small printer.  The monthly articles for our HaleyMail Plus campaigns are designed to accommodate both color and black and white office printers.  But if you contract Haley Marketing Group to develop a trifold brochure or sell sheet, please consider a print vendor to handle the fulfillment.  If you already have a commercial printer in mind, please give us their contact information.  We can coordinate with them from the get-go to make sure the files are prepared to meet their needs.  If you don’t have a printer, Haley Marketing can provide either the pricing from our trusted vendors or the advice and direction you need to find one.

So, from article reprints to z-fold brochures, make sure the quality and effectiveness of your marketing materials aren’t compromised by a “budget” implementation — use a professional printer to get the job done right.  You’ll get a better result — and even save money in the long run.

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