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My Favorite FireFox Add-ons

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As a web designer/programmer at Haley Marketing, I spend my whole day on the computer designing and writing code, and most of the time I’m looking at things in a browser. My job is a lot more convenient because of the amazing Add-ons FireFox has available. But what is an Add-on? Add-ons are tools you can install directly into your web browser to add functionality or change the way your browser looks. Although there are similar tools for other browsers, the following tools are only available if you are using FireFox. You can download FireFox for free here.

This Add-on allows you measure anything within the browser window. Dimensions are in pixels of course!

ColorZilla is an eyedropper tool for the internet. It provides you with the RGB/hex of any color on the screen. The tool also includes easy to use ‘click to copy’ functionality (which I must use 10x a day at least!)

Clear Cache Button
This Add-on puts a clear cache button right into your toolbar, so you don’t have to go digging through the drop downs. It saves a ton of time!

IE Tab
As a web designer/programmer, I have to constantly view websites in both IE and FireFox. This Add-on lets me switch the view from FireFox to IE in just one click.

And one more just for fun!
This Add-on lets you personalize the look of your browser. There are a ton of designs to choose from. My FireFox is currently set to ‘Minimal.ines’, but I’m also a fan of ‘Niagara Falls.’

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