The Path to a Successful Website – Knowing the questions to ask upfront

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If you have only a superficial knowledge of building a website, it is possible to get quality work on budget and on time. You just have to know how to speak with your vendor, whether that firm is a small design shop, a larger ad agency, or an in-house team responsible for building websites.

Some simple questions to begin with in order to help begin the process.

  1. What is the role of your website?
    • Informative.
    • Sales Focused.
    • Product Driven.
    • Company Branding.
    • Improve Business Operations.
    • Humorous.
  2. How well do I know the Agency?
    • Reputation.
    • Industry Expertise.
    • Quality of Work(Technically & Design-wise).
    • Staff.
    • Procedures.
  3. Who is my Audience?
    • Who is coming to my site?
    • Is the right message being stated for that group?
    • What do I want my audience to gain or do on my website?
  4. How can I be different?
    • Content is King!
    • SEO
    • Design
    • Innovation

Each of these questions and points are a reference for a conversation with your marketing advisor and they can assist you with the decisions for your website.

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