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With the announcement of the iPad from Apple coming out in about a month’s time and the fact that the iPhone has overtaken the “smart phone” segment of mobile communication, one has to wonder if Adobe’s Flash is going to become the first casualty of mobile computing?

Both the iPhone and the iPad do not support Flash applications, nor does the mobile version of Apple’s web browser, Safari. Primarily, Flash is used by developers to run games on a majority of websites. Facebook’s most popular applications are Flash-based. How will the iPad and the iPhone impact Facebook and what fallout will not having Flash have? There are some websites built entirely upon the Flash format. Having a Flash alternative will more than likely be the case in order to have viewable options across some of the newer technology coming out.

What are your thoughts? Does Flash allow creation of overly-complicated and code-bloated websites which take too long to load? Do you even care if Flash goes away? What can or will take its place? It will be interesting to see what Adobe does…and whether we should prepare to pay our last respects.

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