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Change your perspective

Hello my loyal readers. It always amazes me that no matter what happens to be going on, time flys and before you know it-BOOM– summer’s over. This brings me face to face with one of my favorite seasons here in the North-eastern part of our country, autumn. Seeing the gradual change of colors and how it changes the landscape always amazes me. Some true artwork created there on a yearly basis. Key word there is change. (hint hint)

Recently I had some surgery work done to my shoulder and have been forced, rather stubbornly, into changing the way I have to do everything. I had to adapt and learn how to doing some of the most routine tasks in a different manner. This got me into thinking about how sometimes a different perspective, whether forced or self-imposed,  can bring about a positive impact or result. Change is scary and, believe me, not something I always go into gung-ho.  Yet looking back on the past month, I know that having to re-think how I do things and look at things differently has brought about change and it feels good.

I have learned some valuable lessons over the past month. I can see how this can apply to work as well. I’ve tried to take a different perspective on how I approach projects, designs and communication with others. In a sense, I feel like some of the leaves outside around here…starting to change into something else. Whether your business or personal life has become “stubborn” or a bit set-in-their-ways, I think some change can be healthy..and possibly lead to some brighter days in the future.

I look forward to meeting with friends and clients out at ASA’s Staffing World in Vegas. If there are questions you may have or want to arrange some face-to-face time while I’m out at Staffing World, drop me an email and I look forward to helping “change” come about.

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