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Why Are You Ignoring Your Target Market?

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Staffing firms have heard for several years now that they need to be on social media. And so everyone did just that, joined social media. But chances are, that is all you did. Which is a problem.


Many people believe that social media is a self-sufficient marketing effort; that your followers or fans will simply engage themselves with your brand. Meaning, your firm has a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn company page, and that’s it: you just have them and don’t use them.

Think about it like this: you build a new branch location and fully staff it with receptionists and recruiters. You have a client or candidate walk in your front door, and they are ready to partner with you for their staffing needs. But instead of being greeted by your staff, they are blatantly ignored. So, they chose to go down the street to your competitor, who greets them warmly and happily meets their staffing needs.

By not engaging or utilizing your social media profiles, you’re essentially building a brand location and ignoring your candidates and clients as they walk through the door. This example may seem a little extreme to you, but by not taking advantage of social media, you are missing out on the opportunity to engage and reach current and potential candidates and clients.

Okay, I’m listening…

Use your social media platform to achieve two initial goals: 1) engage and nurture your current audience, and 2) appeal to and attract prospects. To achieve goal number two, you’re going to need time to research and prepare a strategy for reaching these prospects (just like you would use offline).

Goal number one is highly attainable; after all, you talk to and nurture your relationships with candidates and clients every day. Here are a few ideas to get you started in the right direction:

  1. Feed your company’s blog into your social media sites. This maximizes your blog’s reach, and can incite interesting conversations with your audience on your social media sites.
  2. Post a mix of content to your social media sites. Your content isn’t going to appeal to everyone, so mixing up what you are posting about will help appeal to a wide range of followers. Consider including seasonal postings intermingled with company news.
  3. Don’t turn your social sites into another job board. Social media should be only used as a tool to broadcast select jobs a few times a week. If you overwhelm your followers with hundreds of jobs a week, your followers will quickly grow tired of you filling their newsfeeds and unfollow you. So be aware of how often you’re posting jobs.
  4. ALWAYS link! A top “rookie mistake” firms make is not linking back to content on their site. Share an update on a recent blog post? Link back to the post. Posting about a recent job you’re trying to fill? Provide a direct link back to the position on your site. Social media users are about instant gratification; so if you don’t provide a link, they aren’t going to seek it out on their own.

Hopefully, you now see why you need to stop ignoring your social media profiles and have a few ideas to get you started in the right direction.

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