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The Infinite Scroll

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nest The Infinite Scroll is a web design technique that loads content automatically when visitors approach the bottom of the page. This effect was made popular by social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that have very long streams of content.

This technique, while quite dramatic, has some downsides when it comes to SEO and for users with low bandwidth. For special landing pages and promo pieces though, this could be a great fit.

Infinite Scroll Examples

Here are few sites that use an infinite scroll to load a stream of content.

The Fifth Wave


Now, these examples use the same technique, but they use scrolling to drive animation as you move up or down the page.

How far is it to mars?

Nest Thermostat

Andrew McCarthy

The Pororoca

If you have any other great examples of the Infinite Scroll, we would love to see them. Add them to the comments below!

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