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Your Six Second Commercial – Using Vine as a Marketing Tool

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Commercials can be expensive. The cost of production, props, and time to edit footage can be too much for many small companies. How can you use video without paying for the costs? The answer is Vine!

Vine is a mobile application that allows users to create and share video clips. Videos created on Vine have a maximum length of six seconds. Vine, acquired by Twitter in 2012, allows users to post video clips to Vine, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also embed Vine videos on your website. Vine is available on iOS and Android devices.

Now you might be asking yourself, what can I do with six seconds of footage?! Be creative! Staffing is a people business. It is time to be social and connect to your audience with video. Here are a couple ways staffing firms can use Vine in their marketing strategy.

Job Search Tips: Create a short six-second video that shares a job search tip of the week.  “Use LinkedIn groups to network with professionals in your field of interest.” Share the video on your company Twitter and Facebook pages. Your audience will engage with the content and hopefully share the tip with their friends!

Introductions: When sending out information in a letter or email to a candidate or client for the first time, share a Vine link with them introducing yourself. If I were to send a Vine link to my clients, I would keep it simple. “Hi my name is Kyle Denhoff, and I am your new Social Media Marketing Advisor.” You are giving your introduction a personality. Your clients and candidates will be able to see who you are and how you present yourself. Remember you only get one chance for a first impression.

Announcements: So lets say you are hosting a career fair or speaking at a local event. Sure telling people on your social media pages is the first step, but telling them with interactive content is even better! Use a short six-second clip to let your audience know that you are hosting a career fair.

We happen to be hosting an online webinar on June 13th at 2:00pm EST. Our Director of Social Media and SEO will be presenting on online branding for your staffing firm. We decided to make a short commercial to promote the webinar!


See what we did there…

Haley is always trying new technologies to be able to market our business. We are analyzing the results from our tests; so that we can help our clients reach their audience. If you have any questions about Vine or other social media technology, please feel free to contact us at 888.696.2900. Kyle is one of our Social Media Marketing Advisors here at Haley. If you would like to connect with him, you can find him on Google+

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