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Using Facebook in Your Marketing Campaigns? Here’s A Five Second Fix to Help You Stand Out

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Your candidates and clients are online – more specifically, on Facebook. They “Like” and engage with businesses who usually meet the following criteria:

  1. Offer a service they are interested in.

    If your Facebook page fails to highlight your services and capabilities, you will probably fail to increase your following. After all, why should they connect with a company who offers “mystery” services?

  2. Maintains their social media sites with frequent updates that provide value; this includes sharing news, interesting content that encourages engagement with the company.

    If you are not posting relevant and frequent posts and engaging your audience, you will lose followers. Candidates and clients do not want to follow a company who has a stagnant and almost nonexistent social media presence.

But if you’re doing the above items, you’re on the right track and may already a step above your competition. However, many staffing firms are making a common mistake when they post updates to their Facebook page which comes across as a little sloppy. This common mistake is not removing copied links from content you are sharing before posting updates.

Facebook has a great feature that will automatically populate your post with your copied link, pulling in pertinent landing page details and possibly an image. This means that you no longer need the original link included in the post.

Here is what an update looks like with the original link still included:


Here is how the update appears when the original link has been removed:


The second update appears more polished and integrates better into the newsfeeds of your audience.

Five Second Facebook Marketing Update

To remove the unnecessary original link, follow the quick instructions in this video:

This simple, five second fix will help your Facebook presence appear polished and well-executed.

Looking for additional Facebook or social media solutions for your staffing firm? Contact the Social Media Team at Haley Marketing Group! We have a dedicated staff who can help you build a social media plan that will attract and nurture your target market.

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