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Is 50% of your email list having a bad user experience?

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I just came across a really interesting and eye opening statistic…

1 in 2 email opens occurred on a mobile device during Q2 (click here for the full report)

First it’s eye opening because of how quickly email users have begun to rely on their phones and tablets for email.  Two years ago it was only 16%.  Second, it’s eye opening from a design perspective.  It makes developers of email marketing, like Haley Marketing, stand up and take notice of how they are designing emails.

Here are a few things to consider when designing mobile friendly emails:

  • Subject lines.  Keep ‘em short, sweet (and catchy).

  • Less is more.  In mobile devices, images are compressed.  So, think simple headers, single columns, and simple imagery.

  • Readability.  With a smaller device, you should use a larger font.  An iPhone’s iOS, will automatically adjust any font to its minimum 13-point standard. But some phones don’t do this for you.  We would recommend using a 14-point minimum for body copy, and a 22-point minimum for headlines.

  • Choose background colors wisely.  A bright background might be distracting.  Use soothing neutrals instead.

  • Call to action front and center.  Scrolling left, right or down to find out what the message is and what you want the reader to do won’t work here.  You want your message and call to action up front and center.  (Another thing to note is that image-based links might not appear or render well on a mobile device.  Keep calls to action text based.)

  • If all else fails — always include a “view as web” link.  Email services such as our own HaleyMail automatically include these on every email.  This is a good way to ensure everyone can see your message the way you want it seen.

If you have any questions about your email newsletters or would like to talk about how Haley Marketing can help you with your content marketing please don’t hesitate to contact me at 888-696-2900 or [email protected].

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