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The AGA Group is your workforce solution. It has the people, the resources, and the solutions. They provide a full complement of human resources and workforce solutions to clients coast to coast with specialized expertise in Human Resource Support Services, Government Solutions, Professional Development and Management Training, Professional Recruiting and Managed Information Technology Services.
In spite of this, AGA needed a fresh, new website for employers to easily request more information, for candidates to easily view and apply to jobs, for their government workforces solutions to be highlighted, and for visitors to clearly be provided with resources.
To accomplish these tasks, we included a Quick Links area in the sidebars; we chose a homepage design that prominently displays information for employers and job seekers, and clearly defines AGA’s divisions; and we have a dedicated resources subpage.
AGA’s new website is professional, informational, and the solution to helping AGA provide their clients and job seekers the best services.
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