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Introducing Verity Retail Solutions

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Since 2003, Verity Professionals has been placing information technology specialists with companies in the Atlanta area and in major cities throughout the United States. In 2013, Verity Professionals evolved into Verity Retail Solutions (VRS) to focus primarily on the retail sector. While Verity Professionals will remain a separate entity, VRS specializes in focusing on the retail technology field.

Retailing is a rapidly changing industry that relies heavily on technology to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the customer base. Verity Retail Solutions needed a website that would position them as the preferred partner in this fast-moving niche market. The new site had to focus on attracting candidates and clients alike.

With the selection of a Haley Marketing Starter Site, Verity Retail Solutions was able to accomplish this. The homepage features large rotating images – with a focus on retail and an infinite scroll page that easily addresses both audiences. The new starter site also incorporates a responsive design and is optimized for the mobile audience.

The inclusion of the Haley Marketing Job Board gives Verity Retail Solutions the ability to easily post jobs and process candidates.
Check out more at www.verityretailsolutions.com.

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