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Social Media…Why is it Important?

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You hear a lot about the importance of social media for your company. But, are you seeing the results? Are people walking through your door and saying, “Hi, I’m here because I saw your Tweet yesterday!” No? We’re not surprised.

While this happens – yes, we have clients who have potential candidates and clients walk through the door and cite social media as the reason for being attracted to their staffing agency – it isn’t the only, or even the most important, goal of social media.

Brand Recognition

In today’s world, when someone needs to learn more about a company, their first stop is often the Internet. This research typically includes a company’s website, review pages and social media.

For any company – you want to ensure this research presents you in a positive light, portraying your company mission and values. The overall branding – from the message, to the color scheme and use of your logo, should present a strong image of your company to those researching you online.

What message does a user take away if they can’t find a Facebook or LinkedIn page for your company? Or worse – if they find one that was created five years ago and hasn’t had a single update since then? Maybe your company doesn’t value social media. Or maybe your company is just a little behind the times. Either way, is that the message you want your online presence to portray?

Search Engine Optimization

If you’re not convinced by the importance of branding alone, then you should consider the search engine optimization (SEO) side of the story.

Here it goes: social media influences search engine results. So, not only do your search engine optimized website and blog posts impact your rankings, but your activity on social media platforms actually influences rankings as well.

As a disclaimer, these are not the only factors a search engine considers when ranking search results. However, social is a factor you shouldn’t overlook.

To illustrate the importance of social media’s impact on search results, a company by the name of QuickSprout, completed a test of social media’s impact.  As you can see in the chart below, social media sites can have a very swift and meaningful impact on search engine rankings:


Source: www.quicksprout.com

Social media provides a company with many opportunities, including brand recognition and search engine optimization. To discuss what options are right for you, or to learn more about social media, SEO, blogging or other marketing options, reach out to our team at Haley today!

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