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Stock Photo Design Trends for 2015

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When you hear “stock photos”, what comes to mind?

Traditionally, people tend to think of cheesy smiles plastered on product packages, cookie-cutter business people in suits shaking hands on websites, or libraries of one-size-fits-all cartoon clip art (you know, to really make your PowerPoint “pop”). Despite this perception, the low cost and quick turnaround of stock photos have made them a popular choice, especially when the alternative is using no imagery at all.

I will always recommend using original, professional photography when feasible; it’s the only way to truly capture a unique perspective and convey your intended message. But I know how expensive and time consuming this process can be. Thankfully, new stock photo resources are emerging that offer a shift in traditional stock imagery. There are many libraries out there offering high quality images with vivid depth and diversity.

Upcoming Trends in Stock Photography

So you’ve decided to use stock photos in your digital or print campaign. How do you know what types of images to look for? Here are five trends to consider:

1 Dynamic Personalities

Gone are the days of picture-perfect posed models. This year should see more dynamic lifestyle images that celebrate unique quirks and value “real”.



2 Unexpected Perspectives

Advances in camera technology are letting us take pictures everywhere we go. From aerial views to up-close action shots, expect to see more intimate and unusual perspectives.



3 Complexity without Copy Space

When combining images and copy, the trend in concise and bold typography allow for a large, intricate background image or video in cases where simple photos may have previously been selected.



4 Merging Mediums

Mixed mediums can produce awe-inspiring photos. Don’t limit yourself to just photos – sometimes a video or illustration can be more effective.



5 Muted Colors

Trends are cooler and softer color tones, or monochromatic images with subtle warm hues.



Further Reading

These are just a few samples of some trends to consider when selecting your stock photos. To see more examples and trends, check out this interactive article by iStockPhoto:
8 design trends for 2015.

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