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New Year’s Revolutions

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My nine-year-old daughter just asked me if I made any New Year’s “revolutions” yet. I corrected her and then I smiled – because those cute little language slip-ups are few and far between now that she is such a grown up fourth grader. However, I think I like the word ’revolution’ better. Resolution sounds so wishy-washy. We can ‘resolve’ to do lots of things, every day, but resolutions are just BEGGING to not be kept. Now, revolution is such a powerful word…for me, it means go big or go home!

I like to look at the new year as a clean slate, and the perfect opportunity to really make measurable and significant changes. According to the 2012 Collins English Dictionary, the word ‘revolution’ can be defined as “a far-reaching and drastic change, especially in ideas, methods, etc.” As you settle back into your routine after the NYE ball drop, ask yourself — are you ready to take your organization to the next level? Do you want to increase your profitability, improve your recruiting and attract more clients and candidates?

I believe your revolution should be firmly rooted on the strong foundation you have already built. Take some time out as 2014 ends to reflect back on the positives of the year. What’s working? And what can you build upon? Revolutions don’t happen overnight…it may be a swift change, but it’s a cumulative effect of all those things you’re already doing that are working. But crafting some specific goals in 2015 can help revolutionize your business in a more dramatic way in the upcoming year.

I like my goal setting to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely). I know, I know…most people know what that is already, but I do think that most New Year’s resolutions are not ‘smart’ at all! It’s easy to say “We’re going to blog more in 2015!” but without measurable benchmarks, specific numbers and a sound marketing strategy supporting this resolution, it’s highly unlikely your organization is going to blog more (and even if you do crank out a few extra blog posts, how does that impact your overall success — can you measure that?). A revolution is actionable. It’s accountable. It happens.

A revolution is not for the faint of heart, and it’s not a solo endeavor. Let the troops here at Haley Marketing support you! We can help analyze your strengths and weaknesses, maximize your assets and develop a marketing strategy that demonstrates the best way to reach your ideal clients and candidates. We have lots of freebies to get you started, and we would love to work with you personally to develop the strategy you’re looking for to get you where you want to be in 2015. From web development, to blogging and social media, to my personal favorite — compelling and creative design — learn more about our services and contact us for more info.

Here’s to a happy and successful 2015!

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