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Ask Haley: What do I do with this blog post?

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Hi Matt,

Any guidance you can provide on the blog is appreciated.

I post the blog to LinkedIn. My profile views are going up, but I wouldn’t say my requests for connection are going up.

The numbers of views on my LinkedIn posts are good. Some “likes” scattered in there. We linked back to the blog post through our FB page, it gets a good number of views there too.

I don’t get comments on the website or LinkedIn.

Following your advice, I try to add some research or document or related links. I also try to get “salt lake city” in there.

Hot off the press today:


Steve Pluim

Hi Steve, Learning how to promote a blog post is a great skill. I’d encourage you to share it individually with anyone you think it might be of interest to. It can also be shared to groups and individuals on LinkedIn through the LinkedIn Share This button at the bottom of the post. I’d encourage you to have your employees share it socially via the social media buttons as well.

Don’t be discouraged by the lack of comments. Honestly you’re not going to see a lot of that. The most benefit that you are going to get from the blog posts is the increased SEO value of your site, which you won’t see through individual post engagement but in your Google Analytics, hopefully with increased breadth of keywords used to find your site and increased site visits.

You may also want to encourage people to request an employee or discuss a workforce management issue they are having through the contact us link (http://www.talentteam.com/temp-agency-salt-lake-city/) with posts like this. We like to add a call to action at the bottom of all posts and try to think about what action we want the reader to take after they view the post.

Finally, I would suggest adding “Tags” to this post. Those can be added in the right sidebar panel in WordPress. Tags are a way to categorize content, include more keywords, and add SEO value. For this post, some good tags would be: Artificial Intelligence Workforce, and Jobs Being Replaced by Robots. And some general terms that you want to rank well for: Salt Lake City Staffing Agencies, and Salt Lake Temp Staffing.

I generally try to include about 4-6 tags per post.

Please let me know if you’d like to discuss these strategies further.



Matt Faso
Director of Marketing and Marketing Advisor, Haley Marketing Group
[email protected]

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