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The Power of Responding to Reviews

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72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.
-Search Engine Land

88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (vs. 79% in 2013). -Search Engine Land

Reviews are powerful. Why leave the public opinion of your company and brand solely up to your consumers?

It’s time to embrace the reviews. People are writing them, and influencing the opinion of others. Don’t just watch other people take control of your reputation – jump in and participate.

Most sites that allow reviews – Facebook, Yelp, Glassdoor, etc. allow a business owner to claim ownership of the page and post responses to the comments left by consumers – both positive and negative.

Responding to a positive review shared online will only strengthen the positive impression that user already had, and help to make them a stronger evangelist for your company. From the outside, someone reading a positive review that the business owner responded to with a kind note will help to further influence the level of trust for the reviews.

Responding to a negative review shows your concern for a negative experience, and that you are interested in making a situation right and improving your services. When a third party reads a negative comment that was addressed, it also helps to build trust with the company, rather than just the unsatisfied customer.

I recently listened to a keynote presentation by Jay Bear from Social Media Marketing World. The message focused on how to turn bad news into good. In one example, a business owner reached out to an individual that left a negative review regarding their strong dissatisfaction of the service experience. The owner thanked the reviewer, explaining how important customer satisfaction is in their business and how they appreciated the honest feedback from this customer. The business owner worked with the reviewer to have them visit all of the business’s locations and share feedback, in return getting gift cards to fund these visits. In the end, both the business owner and consumer worked together to create a great relationship, improving overall services for the business and creating one, and hopefully more, satisfied customers.

I love this example because it showcases the true power behind online reviews. While you don’t have to take your response to online reviews to that extreme, paying them no mind at all is a big disservice to your company.

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