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How Can I Attract the Best Quality Candidates to My Job Postings?

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It is your job to provide the best-possible job posting to help attract them BlogHeader
You have plenty of quality jobs that need quality candidates – how can you help your chances in attracting a candidate to your job posting over another company’s posting?

Think about it from the job seeker’s point of view – browsing sites like Indeed, Monster and ZipRecruiter can be a daunting task, even for the most tech-savvy candidate.  They are bombarded by countless job postings, all seemingly perfect for them.  It is your job to provide the best-possible job posting to help attract them away from the other options out there, and apply for your job.

What options do you have?  It can seem tough, sometimes, to figure out how to get your postings the most visibility on these sites, and increase your chances of getting an applicant.  You’ve spent countless hours contacting companies to secure their job postings, and now you need to fill those positions.

It’s time to optimize your job postings so that the content you’re putting out there is the best-possible content to attract the best-possible candidates.  Take it from us, we have experience with hundreds of job boards, and have compiled a list of best-practices to help create successful job postings:

  • Job titles. The titles should stand out!  They need to grab a job seekers attention.  You should modify the job titles to be both functional and more “salesy.”  The better the job titles, the more traffic they will attract.
  • Pay rates. You should use the pay-rate field on all jobs, and consider including the best pay rates in the job titles.  Jobs with pay info get 40 percent more clicks.
  • Attract Workers. Right now, there is a shortage of skilled, semi-skilled and even reliable unskilled labor. To attract the best people, you need to offer the best jobs. Pay is one factor, but you also need to find ways to sell the opportunities to candidates.  Job descriptions need to be as compelling as possible.
  • Promote Postings. Promote “hot jobs” right on the home page of your website, and on the sidebar of the Job Seekers section.  Drive your web traffic to your job postings!

Don’t forget, attracting candidates to your job posting is just half the battle!  Ease of entry is important, your application should be easy to navigate and use for the candidate.  Don’t spend all your effort crafting a perfect job posting, just to scare the candidate away with an overwhelming application!

Still having trouble attracting quality candidates for your jobs?  Contact Haley Marketing today about our job board solution, including a fully responsive mobile site & full SEO optimization of job postings.

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