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What is the Difference Between a Personal and Company Facebook Page?

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On Facebook, you have the ability to create different types of pages – one that represents you as an individual, or one that represents your business.

Personal Pages

Personal pages are intended for the use only of an individual person. Personal pages allow users to connect with, or “friend” other individual users. On a personal page, you can connect with friends, as well as following, or “liking” companies you are interested in. Content posted by your friends and company pages you follow will then show up in your personal News Feed, which Facebook customizes for you, using an algorithm created to show you the content they believe you most want to see when browsing on your feed.

Facebook explicitly states that personal pages are not to be used to represent a company. Doing so is breaking the terms and conditions of use of the platform, and Facebook could choose to remove the page and take down your access.

Business Pages

We recommend having only one business page to represent your company. If you currently have more than one page, you are able to merge the pages together as long as you are a manager on both pages. The value of one page is having a strong, consistent online presence that won’t lead to confused users. Every individual looking for your company on Facebook should be able to easily locate and identify your page as related to your business.

The business page is a great resource to share your company content – blogs, press releases, local or community updates, and pictures/videos of your office culture. Your page serves as a resource for people looking for information around your industry and serves as a validation tool.

While business pages cannot “friend” individual users, individual users are able to “like” a business page. This is an effective way for users to follow companies they are interested in.

If you are interested in doing any paid advertising on Facebook, you will need a business page in order to accomplish this.

How do the pages work together?

In order to create a business page, you will need to have a personal profile on Facebook. You will always access the business page via your personal page, and you can add other individuals to manage a business page by adding their personal account as a manager.

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