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Why Design is Important

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Is design an important part of your marketing efforts? Maybe your answer is no. Maybe you think that design is frivolous.

But do you realize that design is already one of the biggest parts of your marketing? How can that be? Well, do you have a website? Do you have a brochure, a business card even? Well, if you do, then you’re experiencing first hand the role design plays in your marketing.

Imagine, if you will, receiving two wedding invitations in the mail. The first is addressed with beautiful hand-lettering. The paper is cream-colored and is heavy. The envelope contains a very traditional panel card, response card and reception information. The other invitation doesn’t arrive in an envelope at all; it’s a bright green postcard. It includes basic information, and then sends you to a website where you can RSVP, get directions, and even links to the happy couple’s wedding registry.

Two very different wedding invitations. Have you made any assumptions about the event based on the invitation? You might assume that wedding invitation package #1 will be for a very formal, traditional ceremony and that the green postcard invite is for a very informal event. You have made these assumptions based on the design of the invitations. A wedding invitation design most often sets the tone for the actual event. Basically, people form assumptions about the type of event they will be attending based on this first piece of communication.

You know what? That’s marketing! Your business card or brochure or website act just like that wedding invitation! That might be the first point of contact they have with you, with your brand…the same way you get a glimpse into that wedding via the invite. You set the impression for the viewer’s entire experience with your company with the design on your marketing pieces.

What makes design so important is that it evokes an emotional response. It communicates a message without saying a word. You can have the most well-written, carefully crafted message, but if the design is bad, or maybe even more importantly, if the design does not reflect the copy and conveys a different tone than the message itself…than the marketing fails. It doesn’t communicate. It doesn’t resonate.

Now simply, here’s what design is NOT:

Pretty pictures.


A luxury.

If you are going to the trouble of marketing, design is essential as oxygen is to humans. It isn’t a separate line item that can be scrapped to trim the budget – it is essential. When looking for a company to help you with your marketing strategy, be sure that the marketing agency has a firm grasp on this concept. At Haley Marketing, top-notch design complements the exceptional marketing we provide to our clients. Want to find out more? Contact us today and let us know what we can do to help you tell your story.

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