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Do You Choose Your Clients OR Do They Choose You?!

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I recently read a great article by business coach and author, Peleg Top. In the article he talks about what strategies businesses can use to attract the best clients. Below you will find my insights on how to attract and successfully lead your clients to a great end result.

  1. Lead with your mission and vision and have a clear focus on what you want to achieve. Demonstrate your expertise and leadership to the client. The client is looking for someone to trust not someone who will say yes to any project, even if it’s a bad idea. Be a leader not a service provider and you will attract amazing clients.
  2. Use your experiences and expertise and to tell your story as a leader in the staffing industry. Help your clients market themselves to reach their goals. What they want to achieve by utilizing their mission in their marketing? Ask yourself, what types of clients do I want to attract? What you do should prove what you believe as a company.
  3. I am sure you have heard many clients’ say, “I can’t afford that” or “that is over my budget”. If you hear that phrase coming from your potential clients; they do not see your true value. If clients are making decisions based on money, they are most likely making a fear- based decision that will lead them to control the project, process and relationship and most likely fail to listen to the expert advice that you have to give.
  4. How often do you say the underutilized word “NO” to your clients? Why can’t we say no? Why shouldn’t we be more selective and stop choosing our clients based on how deep their pockets are? Let’s be forward thinking and tell our clients what kind of clients we work best with and how we work as a company and leader. By holding prospects to a high standard puts you in the driver seat as an expert in the industry instead of just another vendor.

Make the choice to be a leader and provide shareworthy service to your clients. Good leaders are born through their passion and knowledge of the industry; and are not afraid to say the taboo word of “NO” to prospects and clients in order to preserve their mission and select the ideal clients that make working together a win!

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