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Putting It All Together: Blogging Forms the Foundation

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One of the biggest (if not the biggest) frustration we hear about our services comes from clients feeling they aren’t getting a return on their investment. After months of investment, clients don’t think they are generating any additional business.

While we aren’t going to guarantee any of our services will increase your business by X percentage, a well thought-out content plan tailored to the goals of your company should have a positive effect on bringing more leads to your company. Then the ball is in your court.

Recently, I completed a case study about one of our clients who has been blogging and sending out an e-mail newsletter for a number of years. The client recently supplemented those marketing activities with social sharing. When putting all of those activities together, there was a not so surprising result.

(Spoiler Alert: It worked).

Let’s take a look at the fundamental part of that content marketing plan, which is the form of a blog.

A blog produces consistent and unique content and is truly the foundation for a lot of other ways to market your staffing company. It sounds simple, but there are a number of reasons why:

  • Distinguishing your company as a thought leader
  • Making readers want to come back to read the next piece of content
  • Indexing web pages for search engines, which leads to more organic traffic
  • Generating inbound leads!

This company has been blogging for three-plus years and throughout that timeframe, there were a number of times the client could have pulled the plug on the program because traffic wasn’t always increasing.

Website traffic won’t be linear growth. Think of website traffic like the stock market. We get spikes and dips (let’s not talk about the month of August on Wall Street) but we want long-term growth (think of our six-year bull market).

This client has seen that long-term growth during the past three-plus years. Its commitment and patience can be summed up in one stat:

Comparing website traffic in August 2015 to August 2012, the traffic increased by more than 112 percent!

ZDA Overall Traffic

Look at the chart above and see a number of times when the client could have gotten frustrated and stopped producing blog content.

But it wasn’t just the blog content. We’ll go a little more in depth on the email marketing program and social sharing in future blog posts. Blogs form a really solid foundation of a content marketing program and enable staffing companies to use other marketing tactics, which we will talk about in future blog posts.

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