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Reach the Right Traffic to Get the Most Conversions on Your Staffing Website

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10-2015_Sharing_CovversionRate_noType Last week, I talked about the importance of getting returning website traffic back to your staffing company’s website to maximize website conversions. Why is it important? Because they converted nearly twice as much in going from the blog to a conversion page (Job Board, Contact Us, etc.) on the website.

This week, I’ll take a look at the behavior of different categories of website traffic on the website. Breaking down the traffic into categories will allow us to produce more targeted marketing and advertising solutions to get the best return on your investment.

Different Types of Website Traffic

First, let’s understand the four different types of traffic tracked by Google Analytics:

  • Organic traffic – shows traffic coming from search engines (i.e. Google). The blogging program directly helps organic traffic
  • Direct traffic – traffic that comes when a user types your website address directly into the browser, or uses a bookmark
  • Referral traffic – traffic when users get to your website referred through another website
  • Social traffic – traffic that comes from a social media outlet (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn)


What did we see? Organic traffic easily had the highest goal conversion percentage and was followed by social traffic. Website traffic that found a staffing company from a search engine (mainly Google), or on social media (mainly Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn), had great conversion rates.

The Takeaway: Blogging and social media gets website conversions!

The Haley Marketing Group works with more than 200 clients in a blogging program, which is a program designed specifically to increase your organic website traffic. We also consistent monitor the staffing industry landscape to see what’s successful in the always-evolving world of social media.

Contact our great team today to see how we can help your staffing company direct the right type of traffic to your website.


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