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How Being Visual On Social Media Can Help Your Staffing Firm

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Personal Blog Photos You already tell your audience who you are, now let them see who you are. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, and take a look at your social media pages from their perspective. Is it all text? Is the same link being posted time and again? Ask yourself, “Is this really appealing? Is this embarrassing?”

We at Haley Marketing always stress the importance of using social media to give your clients/candidates a sneak peek into who you are as a company. Being able to discuss things with your followers is an incredibly valuable opportunity that many businesses miss out on. If you’re already interacting with followers as a business, liking and sharing posts of fellow businesses and followers, and informing your audience of what’s going on with your business, you’re likely to be one giant step ahead of your competition.  Don’t miss out on taking that a step further!

Show Your Candidates Who You Are

Let your potential candidates see who they will be interviewing with. Knowing who to look for can alleviate a lot of the nerves a candidate may have when they receive an email from a complete stranger asking them to sit down for a few minutes.

Show Candidates Where You Are

Let those candidates see what your office looks like, which can be a huge help for their initial visit. As a former unemployed job candidate, I found myself roaming through business park parking lots trying to find my recruiters’ office. A simple picture of the exterior can be a huge help.
And don’t feel the need to get fancy. If a member of your staff fancies themselves the next Ansel Adams, then go for it. Let the “experts” in your staff take the pictures. If not, don’t feel like you have to hire someone to take pictures of your building. While that could be a good idea, it certainly isn’t necessary. Visitors to your social pages will be thankful that they have the chance to see who your business really is.

Be Careful What You Post

That being said, be sure not to go overboard. Excessive posting is a dangerous line to approach to begin with, especially visually. Remember that you still want to appear professional. Posting pictures of the company happy hour is probably a big “no-no.” Visuals don’t have to be pictures of your office and team. Visual graphics can be a much needed pit stop in a sea of text-based posts.

The Bottom Line

Don’t be afraid to not only tell your audience who you are but to show them as well. Did you just make a placement? Show AND tell your followers! Are you opening up a new location? Show us! Don’t be afraid to add some color and design to your Facebook page. Don’t make your followers feel like they’re visiting one long, drawn out cold call.

Don’t quite know what you’re doing? Do you know what you’re doing, but don’t have the time? Let our team at Haley Marketing help. We’re happy to discuss best practices, and take care of the details for you. Our team offers multiple options for posting on behalf of your company. If you want to really wow your audience, consider using our Social Pro service, which includes custom images, effective posts with engaging titles, and more. Let our team help show the world who you are as a business!

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