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Staffing’s Biggest Content Marketing Challenges

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Content marketing continues to reign as king in 2016. We have seen these marketing strategies grow from simple one-off emails to full-blown inbound marketing strategies, complete with email, social media sharing, video creation, webinars, and strategic follow-up … you know, like our HaleyMail service!

But with a new year comes new content marketing challenges for the staffing industry. So what changes will affect the staffing and recruiting industry?

According to reports, some of the biggest challenges employers expect to face this year include:

  1. Earning new subscribers
  2. Creating compelling content
  3. Increasing open rates
  4. Social integration



So what can you do to tackle these challenges? Let Haley Marketing handle them for you! Click here to learn about how our HaleyMail service can help you:

  • Increase subscription rates for your newsletter/email marketing
  • Create unique, engaging content specific to your clients’ interests
  • Publish content that gets results (clicks/opens)
  • Share your content on social media with the right people, at the right times

Worried you don’t have enough time to contribute to an inbound marketing strategy? We get that! Contact our team of marketing experts at [email protected] and ask about our new Concierge Service – we do all the work, you get all the credit!

2016 will present new challenges for staffing and recruiting, but with a strong content marketing strategy, and the team of industry experts at Haley Marketing Group by your side, it will be a great year for your firm!


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