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Get the Scoop on Haley’s Latest Job Board and HaleyMail Updates

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staffing-website-job-board Attention HaleyMail and job board users:

Life just got a little easier!

Our team has made important updates to resolve minor issues and deliver an even better user experience for you. Here’s a quick overview of the changes we made with v3.8.6, released May 26th, 2016:

Haley Marketing Release Notes for v3.8.6:

Job Board Updates:

  • Standard application. We improved the job application experience by adding Google Drive as an option for candidates to upload their resume.
  • Main job board addition. We added an option in MyHaley for you to customize the meta title and meta description.
  • Expanded “Advanced Search” feature. We added a new setting that allows you to expand the “Advanced Search” feature by default.
  • Improved tracking: With this new update, you now have the ability to add a referral ID to XML feeds for improved tracking.

Bug Fixes (bugs bug us)

  • Bug fix 1: In this update, we fixed a minor bug caused by 3rd party XML feed failures which caused job boards to appear empty.
  • Bug fix 2: We also fixed an issue with resume uploads in which selecting “Require resume upload” in myHaley failed to hide the text resume field on the application screen.
  • Bug fix 3: We resolved the issue which caused the “See more +” filter was not expanding to show additional values.
  • Bug fix 4: We squashed the bug related to the job board’s custom filters and third party integrations.
  • Bug fix 5: Our team resolved the bug where “Additional Info” field failed to copy when a job was duplicated in myHaley.
  • Bug fix 6: v3.8.6 effectively addresses the bug related to “How did you hear..?”. When “Other” option is selected, a field displays giving instructions to “please describe.” When that field was left blank, the referral source in Bullhorn was mistakenly being sent as “please describe.” It now sends “Other” as the source when “Other” is chosen, but the detail field is not filled out.

HaleyMail Updates:

  • Updated template: Our team revamped the eBook template so that it displays beautifully on mobile.

Why does Haley Marketing’s tech team work so hard to write clean code and evolve our user interfaces along with other platforms? It’s simple: YOU! We strive to build marketing tools for your staffing firm that are powerful, dynamic and easy to use.

Have a tech question?

I’d be happy to answer it – just drop me a line at or leave your question in the comments section below.


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