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How to Involve Your Team in Your Social Strategy

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If you’re using social media – you’re already on the right track! Social is a key way to build your company’s online reputation and presents a lot of opportunity to promote your brand and engage with prospects and candidates.

But – you could be doing more.

Expand Your Social Reach

Having an individual or team in charge of your company’s social media is a great start. You should be sharing updates regularly on all of the platforms you are able to effectively reach your audience on. But don’t let it end there.

Your company is made up of people – and those people are the faces behind your brand. People like when a company is relatable, and your employees are a great way to showcase your company.

Your team should participate in your company’s social media strategy. Every update shared by your company should be engaged with by your team – whether that means liking a post on Facebook, commenting on a LinkedIn post or retweeting an update on Twitter.

When your team engages with content, it boosts that content – most social algorithms reward content that is being interacted with. Beyond that, sharing a post from the company page to a personal page greatly increases the reach of the content – potentially encouraging users to visit your company social page or website.

Don’t have a social strategy? Check out this blog post to help you get started, and this eBook to help you plan your in-depth strategy. For help managing social media, reach out to our marketing educators to learn about how the social experts at Haley Marketing can help you today!

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