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This year Haley Marketing is celebrating its 20th year.  This year also marks my first with Haley Marketing.  When I started, I noticed one thing everyone at Haley Marketing had in common.  They are all exceptional at what they do.  Brought on board as a full stack developer, it was clear from the start that not only did they want me to be an exceptional developer, they would want much more.

They want me to help develop new and exciting products, and continue to grow in my skills and knowledge of the programming world.  They want me to work hard and diligently, yet also make sure I am there for my wife and kids, whether it be band concerts or soccer games or whatever.  They even want me to blog (thank God for spell check).  Basically, they want me to grow both professionally and personally. 

OK, what company would not want you to do all that.  However, the difference is Haley Marketing has been there to help me achieve this.  They didn’t just tell me to become a better developer, they said take some time during the day to further your education and skill set.  They encourage me to take the time to be there for my family, even helping me blog ­- and they have some people who truly do excel at that.  They give me all the support and structure I need to achieve these goals.

So, I have found an exceptional group of people who strive to become the best at work as well as at home and who encourage me to do the same.  I can’t imagine a better place to spend my next 20 years.

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