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How Do You Achieve Work-Life Balance?

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At Haley Marketing Group, we are lucky to have a wellness committee that provides a range of outlets for health, wellness, physical activity and professional growth. Each month has had a different theme and July’s theme was work-life balance. During our weekly company meeting, we presented a TedX talk on work-life balance, and it got me to thinking…what am I doing now that I could be doing better in order to maximize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, family time, work, friends and me time. David Searns, our CEO, made a great point during our “takeaway” talk. Reallocate your time to fit your lifestyle. For me that may mean scheduling “me” time around work, kids, and household responsibilities.  I am sure most of our readers can agree with this.

Sometimes it is a negotiation with myself. What do I give up doing in order to do something else? Yet, if I strive to achieve that work-life balance, do I have to give something up? Essentially maybe not give it up, but put it off for later. I tend to schedule activities, time with friends and family and even downtime, rather than let them happen. If I don’t, weekends tend to whittle away without spending quality time on anything at all. Some other methods I use to achieve balance are to drop activities that suck up time and energy, batch my errands so I’m not running somewhere everyday of the week, and make time for relaxation.

A healthy lifestyle is vital to coping with stress and maintaining a work-life balance. Find a great support system at work and in your personal life. The main goal is to reduce stress, optimize your time at the office into your most productive hours, set limits and remain in control of your time.  Trust me; you will enjoy having that balance.

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