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Want to Target Recent Visitors to your Job Board AND the Contacts in Your ATS?

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Before I start hashing out the nuts and bolts of Re-Recruiting here at the Haley Marketing Group, let me provide some context:

Think about the last time you considered the dream vacation or that new boat. Maybe it was a set of golf clubs or a sparkling pair of earrings.

You browsed around, made the prudent decision to not hit purchase and walked away. All of a sudden a few days later, an ad for that same vacation or golf clubs appeared on your computer screen or mobile device.

Welcome to Re-Recruiting.

How Does It Work?

Last year, I did an analysis of the engagement of returning visitors to the website of staffing agencies against the behavior of new visitors. The main finding – returning website visitors were twice as likely to convert as the new visitors. Add in that fact with the difficult job market for finding quality job candidates and Re-Recruiting was born.

With Re-Recruiting, we use a technique called remarketing. Essentially it places a snippet of code on your Job Board (or Candidates page or wherever we think would be successful.) That creates a cookie on the user’s device after they visit that page. Then your ads follow them around on Facebook or Google.

The strategy is to keep your staffing agency top of mind with that website visitor who is actively thinking about a job. Maybe if they see an ad following them around about switching jobs they would be more likely to submit an application.

About that Applicant Tracking System

Trust me, I didn’t forget.

While one of your audiences will be people who are recent visitors to your website, another segment of your Re-Recruiting audience is contacts in your ATS. Run a quick export of their email addresses and then we can upload it to Facebook. A match of those email addresses with user accounts in Facebook creates another audience.

Those job candidates could be active ones searching for jobs or they may have forgotten about your staffing agency because it’s been a couple of years since you interacted. Now, your staffing agency is top of mind with those contacts as they see your ads everywhere – in Facebook’s News Feed, on their mobile device, or on the thousands of websites and mobile apps that Facebook has partnered with in its advertising platform.

Does It Work?

I wouldn’t be writing this blog post if it didn’t.

  • Client 1 – located in Texas. In the first month, saw 328 clicks during the first month. By the fourth month, that total was 497 clicks
  • Client 2 – averaged 290 clicks the first two months and then had 642 clicks in the third month. Why? Optimization of the ads by our team and also increasing its targeted audience by supplying an updated candidate list.
  • Client 3 – saw an average cost per click of $0.31 in the first month and then had a cost per click of $0.21 by the third month – 35 percent more efficient!

All of that traffic back to the website generates more traffic for your Job Board. With more traffic on the Job Board, we are more likely to see conversions in terms of applications and leads for your team of recruiters.

Going out and targeting your previous job candidates or recent website visitors provides a great targeted audience for your online advertising campaign.

Interested? We Are Here to Help

All staffing agencies want more job candidates (especially good ones). Using a Re-Recruiting program (or the social recruiting program in my next blog post) can bring in the right job candidates for your staffing agency.

We can help you determine if Re-Recruiting (or another Facebook strategy) is the right fit for your business goals and challenges.


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