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Why Staffing Agencies and Recruiters Need to Attract the “Supershopper”

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With Black Friday rapidly approaching (or having already started for days by the emails filling up my inbox), the hot trend of retail shoppers always becomes a talking point at this time of year.

Google has deemed this holiday retail season the Year of the Supershopper. While the findings relate to the retail sector, a lot of the conclusions and trends affect all marketing activities.

Let’s take a look at a number of findings from Google’s research and relate the conclusions to the staffing and recruiting industry. I promise it’s not a big stretch at all!

Stat No. 1 – After searching on Google, 76 percent of mobile shoppers changed their mind.

We’ve all been there searching for something, “brown shoes to wear with jeans” for example. While we have preconceived beliefs before conducting our search, the information we find at the top of that Google search is proving to change our beliefs. Users are going in with one belief and leaving with a different one.

How Does That Affect Staffing? What appears in the search engine when your listing appears? What keywords are you targeting? Do you need paid advertising to be at the top of search results?

After looking at those results, then take it to the next level. When the user does find your website in the organic search, what is their experience at your website? Are you proud of it? Will it make customers change their mind and contact your staffing agency instead of your competitor? Think like a customer!

Stat No. 2 – 64 percent of smartphone shoppers turn to mobile search for ideas about what to buy before heading stores

killer-website-ebook I know that I’ve done this, but it could be right before heading to the store, or even in the parking lot, and I conduct a search for the store I’m going to (top DVD players). We aren’t sitting down at our computer and planning this out three days in advance. We are grabbing our smartphone and searching three minutes before we walk into the store.

How Does That Affect Staffing? Think mobile! While not all staffing agencies and recruiters want job candidates to walk in the front door, every single staffing firm wants job candidates and potential clients to search for them on mobile devices.

Is your website mobile optimized? Can job candidates find your job postings easily? How many fields do they have to fill out to apply? Is the Contact form easy to find and fill out for the company that needs 50 seasonal workers next week?

Stat No. 3 – “Best Gift” Searches Increased by 70 Percent While Cheap or Inexpensive Gift Searches Only Increased by 35 Percent

We don’t just want to give a holiday gift, we want to give an AWESOME holiday gift. You want your gift to be the one your family member or friend remembers years down the line because you put thought into it and executed perfectly. Saving $5 on a sweater might be great for next week’s lunch fund, but it won’t help making a difference during the holiday season.

How Does That Affect Staffing? Price doesn’t matter as much as you think. Job candidates want positions where they can make a difference, especially millennials who are looking for direct hire positions. Salary may be the final determining factor in temporary positions, but if you are hiring a younger demographic in a full-time capacity, then what does the job posting say about other benefits and not just the hourly rate/salary.

Stat No. 4 – 76 Percent of People Who Search for Something Nearby Visit a Related Business within a Day and 26 Percent Make a Purchase

While we waste spend a lot of time searching on smartphones (social media anyone?), those searches are resulting in physical actions of either visiting a business or spending money. We are going to search engines with a purpose and want to validate those thoughts with our results.

How Does That Affect Staffing? When job seekers are searching for staffing agencies, they aren’t focused on just one option. If a better option presents itself in the search results, they’ll click on that link. Then, if your staffing agency presents an attractive option, they’ll become a lead and engage with your website.

The Supershopper Won’t Just Go Away after the Holidays

These stats will become very important during the holiday season as retail revenue increases. However, the behavior of the Supershopper won’t go away.

We are still going to conduct mobile searches (more by the month). We are still going to find valuable information and make decisions based off of those search results. We are always going to want to work with the best and view ourselves as the best.

How will your staffing agency take advantage of those Supershopper behaviors? Is your online presence ready for job seekers and clients who are looking for your services throughout the day on their mobile devices?

If it is, that’s great! You’re ready for the Supershopper to find your staffing company!

If it isn’t, then now is the time to evaluate your online presence and contact the Haley Marketing Group. We’re here to help your staffing company meet the needs of everyone in the employment industry.

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