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Social Doesn’t Equal Promo

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Social media offers great opportunities to build your brand and connect with your audiences…but should you use it for self-promotion?


Well…not directly. Posting content that simply states what your services are won’t benefit you on social media. People aren’t going to engage with this type of content. However, you can position your services as solutions to questions and needs people have who may be looking for answers to on social media. How can you accomplish selling without blatant self-promotion?

It’s easy!

Focus on your audience.

You know your audience – so let them direct your social content. Target the people you are looking to work with (or are already working with) and share information they find relevant and timely.

Create a content strategy.

Don’t just share content on social media. While curating content is great, and you should share some content from industry-leading sources focus on the majority of content you share driving traffic back to your website.

Sharing unique content – in different formats.

Mix it up. Don’t share the same content format over and over. You can share hot jobs, blog posts, outside resources, videos, infographics, stats and data, photos of company events and more. A variety of engaging, relevant content that your audience is interested in will allow you to best reach your target audience and grow your following and business.

Can I sell on social?

Absolutely – but focus on your audience, not on your own company. Focusing on self-promotion won’t yield the same results as focusing on how you can benefit your audience.

Use Social to Sell

Check out our free resources on how to create a content marketing strategy, or reach out to our marketing educators to learn more about how we can help you create a content and social media strategy!

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