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The Big Disconnect: Marketing Challenges in the Staffing Industry

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Earlier this year,  we surveyed over 500 staffing professionals to answer one simple question:

In recruiting, sales and marketing, what works best?

Today, I’m continuing our series of posts that breaks down the data we collected and provides practical strategies to improve your marketing ROI. If you missed any of the earlier posts, here are the other installments in this series:

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Today, I’m presenting the third chunk of data from the marketing portion of our survey:

The Data: Social Media Marketing

Q: “When it comes to your marketing, how important is each of the following?”

What are staffing firms’ top marketing priorities? Here’s what the data showed:

  • First and foremost, staying top-of-mind is essential. Sixty-five percent rated “keeping your company top-of-mind” as “extremely important.”
  • “Creating awareness/name recognition” had the second-highest average importance rating (4.45 on a one to five scale).
  • Despite having the third-highest average rating, 61.2% of respondents rated “recruiting – attracting candidates to your firm” as “extremely important” – placing it ahead of “creating awareness.”


The Big Disconnect

The responses to this question were truly eye-opening for us. Notably, we found a huge disconnect between sales and marketing priorities.

Despite the fact that “getting an initial appointment” and “getting the first job order” are the biggest sales challenges facing today’s staffing and recruiting firms, “giving sales reps a reason to make follow-up calls” and “warming sales calls” are the least important marketing priorities.

Where’s the sense in that?

The smartest thing your staffing firm can do is to align your sales and marketing efforts. By integrating marketing into your sales activities, you can open doors with prospects, create interest in the value your firm can deliver, set the stage for sales calls and nurture relationships that keep your company top-of-mind between calls (and create reasons to make follow-up calls).

Leading staffing firms use marketing to enhance the effectiveness of their sales teams. You should, too! If you need help with the process, our marketing educators would love to connect with you.

Or, you can use the information in our 2016 Staffing Industry Whitepaper to get started anytime:


About our 2016 industry survey:

In July and August 2016, we conducted an online survey of staffing industry professionals to find out what works best when it comes to their firms’ sales, marketing and recruiting efforts. The survey was completed by nearly 500 individuals located throughout the U.S. representing a wide range of staffing specialties and company sizes.

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