Established in 1995, ATS is a woman-owned and certified full-service information technology consulting firm based in New Jersey, specializing in providing IT staffing solutions by supplying technical and business personnel through staff supplementation and project engagements. Whether you’re looking for IT strategy consulting, IT security consulting or IT staffing solutions, they can help.

Their longstanding history and groundbreaking methodologies have propelled their success in providing the IT staffing solutions, administration services and talent management expertise necessary for their clients to realize a true return on investment and for their employees to have a rewarding, professional engagement.

They understand that an effective partnership takes more than hard work. It necessitates making the right connections. Realizing that time is their most valuable commodity, they get that knowing the right people in the right places – and knowing how to skillfully market one’s knowledge, skills and abilities to decision makers – is essential to progressing a career and creating a successful engagement that is rewarding for all involved.

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