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Essential Landing Page Elements to A/B Test to Increase Conversions

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Landing pages play a crucial part of your marketing’s success. But too often, they are either poorly executed, underutilized or just completely disregarded as a part of a marketing campaign.

Why Landing Pages Matter

Many firms don’t even think about landing pages because of the investment of both time and resources to develop a well-crafted landing page. However, they shouldn’t be ignored because if they are, you might be missing out on qualified talent or potential job orders.

Landing Pages 101

Creating landing pages can be both an art and a science. Depending upon the specific marketing campaign the landing page can range from being very simple and straightforward, to being more complex. If you’re at the stage in your landing-page process where you’re wondering where to start, delve into Haley Marketing Group’s article on 19 Landing Page Best Practices for Staffing Firms to Follow to be well on your way.

Leveraging A/B Tests to Improve ROI

After you’ve created and launched your landing page, then comes the time to analyze, test and refine your landing pages to improve your ROI. Making changes to your landing pages (ranging from minor text changes to more drastic adjustments) can greatly impact the result of your marketing campaign.

Here’s a quick list of different landing page elements to consider testing:

  • Conversion
    • Consider offering multiple conversion opportunities versus one conversion opportunity (especially for talent-driven landing pages). For example, offering an option to submit a form, versus a second version where they can submit a form to be contacted by a recruiter, an option for them to sign-up for your candidate email newsletter and the ability to download a whitepaper.
    • Analyze whether changing the number of form fields impacts ROI (for example, one field for “Name,” versus two fields to capture the same information: “First Name” and “Last Name”)
  • Calls-to-Action
    • Test the tense of your copy between using the word “your” versus “my” when directing people to act.
    • Test different CTAs directing people to take action. Test variations like “Get your/my free [incentive piece from the landing page],” “Increase your/my time to hire,” etc.
    • Present your CTAs in different formats such as plain text, a button or more stylized headlines.
  • Design Elements
    • Prospects respond differently to diverse types of imagery. Don’t be afraid to test variations in your image types (from compelling landscape images to professional people stock images).
    • Leverage video. Consider creating a professional video and adding it to the landing page to concisely communicates why a visitor should partner with you.
    • Test color choices. While it’s important to include relevant company logos, don’t be afraid to test variations to the overall color scheme of the landing page. Sometimes the smallest color changes can increase conversion rates.
  • Messaging and Content
    • Use a unique selling proposition in your headlines (does including this help or hurt response rates?).
    • Test copy formatting between presenting your benefits as a bulleted list, in paragraph form, charts or even in graphically engaging text boxes.

When testing different elements, it is important not to test too many things at once. If you do, your data may become muddied and you won’t glean any actionable information from your test that can translated into improved ROI.

If you’re looking for additional information on leveraging landing pages for your staffing firm, contact Haley Marketing Group. Our landing page team is made up of PPC experts, copywriters, graphic designers, developers and marketing strategists. This team of specialists work in sync to conceptualize, build and optimize a landing page that will improve the ROI of your marketing campaign.

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