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Can a core story sell staffing services faster?

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I fell in love with studying Philosophy in school after I took an intro class, where we spent our time writing definitions for things. Seems simple enough, until the TA showed us exactly how many false assumptions we were under with every word we chose!  There are a lot of definitions of marketing out there, and I can appreciate the value of a good one. My favorite is Gregory Ciotti’s:

“Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer.” 

It reads like a core value to a marketing professional (that’s me!) A guiding principle as to what is possible and the way things should be. But it begs the question: “What are you enthusiastic about?”

Where is your passion?

Core values are the principles that define how you run your business, and it would be hard to know what was worth getting excited about if you didn’t have any. So even if you haven’t defined them yet, you have them – and it’s worth the exercise to put them on paper.  (Or you hang them on a wall like we did!)

Where do you want to go?

Along with core values, the other foundational piece is your mission.  A big, long term vision of the future.  Preferably a goal where you never cross the finish line, that keeps you innovating and striving to meet the evolving needs of the marketplace.  (Ours is making world-class marketing more affordable to our clients).

You should get pretty pumped up about reading your core values and mission statement!  Now you’re ready to *transfer* that enthusiasm – but how?  You need a message.  A way to communicate your positioning, your key differentiators, and your value proposition.

Your Core Story

This is a big piece of the puzzle that many firms I speak to are missing.  It drives everything from your elevator pitch and content strategy, to how you serve your clients and your operations.  Can you operate and be profitable without one?  Sure! But you can’t transfer enthusiasm to your customer nearly as effectively.

Understanding your audience’s perspective is the key here.  You need a story that they can read in their voice, that resonates enough to get them as excited as you are about the value waiting to be realized.

As we increasingly see the world viewing staffing as a commodity, this ability to effectively market your value is critical.  Once you have your core story, everyone (sales, recruiters, reception) is armed with a compelling tool to transmit exactly what your audience should be thinking about when they consider your services.

Need help getting your prospects excited about your services? Click below to learn more, or contact us anytime for help!

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