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New Job Board Integrations and Updates (Release 4.3.6)

Google Jobs and Your Job Board
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Haley Marketing’s Job Board is better than ever.

We’re continually improving, upgrading and, yes, debugging our software to make it more powerful and functional. Recently, we made some notable enhancements and updates; here’s a quick overview of what’s new with v4.3.6 (released March 22, 2018):

Haley Marketing Release Notes for v4.3.6:

New Job Board Integrations Added:

  • Recruitics. Want to know more about how your jobs are performing? Which are your top performers… and which need help? Thanks to our new partnership with Recruitics, we will be able to offer FREE Recruitics Analytics accounts to all our job board clients. Please note that Recruitics will be setting up all the accounts for us over the next couple of months, so please be patient as they get your account ready for you.
  • Upward. Need more job applications? Try Upward.net! UpWard.net allows you to sponsor individual jobs on their website and network of advertising sites. Until recently, they were a wholesaler, only providing candidates to job boards. Now they are working directly with employers, and they may be able to deliver qualified candidates to you at a lower cost per click. With our new Upward integration, you can select the jobs you want to sponsor and set your budget for the job. Upward.net will take care of the rest! (Please note, you will have to setup an account with Upward.net prior to using the sponsored jobs feature in MyHaley).
  • Sign up with Facebook and LinkedIn. Your candidates can now sign into your job board with their Facebook or LinkedIn information, which makes creating a job board account and applying easier than ever!
  • Apply with Monster is here! Make it even easier for your candidates to apply to jobs by adding Apply With Monster as an option on your job postings.

Want to enable these great new features?

Please contact Haley Marketing’s Success Team and we’ll be happy to help. And if you’re not using the Apply with Indeed feature yet, just let us know and we’ll enable it for you.

Job Board Update Highlights:

  • Moved Google Jobs fields into their own section. Last release, we added several fields to your job posting screen in anticipation of Google Jobs’ future plans. Data added to these fields is not displayed on your job board, so we moved the Google Jobs fields into their own section. We heard from many of you about this – we appreciate your feedback and implemented this change to make your interface simpler. But please continue to populate as many of these fields as you can; it will improve inclusion on Google Jobs now and in the future.
  • Even more updates to Google Jobs schema on job postings to comply with existing recommendations from Google – and to get ready for what Google is implementing in the future.
  • Bulk Edit on the Manage Jobs screen has been updated to make it easier to select all jobs without having to scroll all the way to the end of the job list.

Haley Marketing’s tech team works hard to enhance our job board and evolve our user interfaces along with other platforms for one reason: YOU! Our goal is to build recruiting tools that are powerful, dynamic and easy for you to use.

Have a tech question?

I’d be happy to answer it – just drop me a line or leave your question in the comments section below.


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