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How to Share Jobs In Facebook Groups

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The Facebook job application is a great addition to the already growing social media network. Consistently posting Facebook jobs to your page is great, but are they really that great if no one is seeing them?

If you want to get your Facebook jobs noticed by a larger audience than just your followers, you don’t have to look too far. Just head over to the Facebook Groups tab.

Here are four steps to posting your jobs in Facebook Groups.

1. Research relevant groups.

Think about the who, what, and where.

  • Who: What industry are you looking to reach? Light industrial? Manufacturing? IT? Healthcare?
  • What: JOBS!
  • Where: Florida? New York? California?

Once you’ve thought about these three questions, let’s search groups.

Example terms to search:

  • Florida Manufacturing Jobs
  • Healthcare Jobs
  • Healthcare Industry Insights
  • Welding Jobs
  • Erie County Jobs

2. Join the groups.

Duh! Most groups have a few entrance questions – make sure you answer these accurately.

3. Post the job on your company’s Facebook page.

To post a job on Facebook, complete the following steps.

  • Select “Jobs” on your company’s Facebook page;
  • Click “Publish Job Post,”
  • Fill out the job’s relevant information;
  • Add prescreening strategies; and
  • Select “Publish Job Post.”

4. Time to share!

Once your job is published, select “Share Job Post.” Make sure this is set to “Share in a Group” in the upper left-hand corner of the text box. Type in the relevant group associated with the job and add a little bit of information in the post’s description. (Personally, I recommend including a link back to your job board and additional contact information.) And post!

There you have it. If you’re going to use Facebook Jobs, it’s important to leverage everything Facebook has to offer.

If you need any convincing on the success of this social sharing technique, check out one of our recent case studies stating that a company received 109 applications through Facebook Jobs in just the first TWO DAYS.

Don’t wait. Enhance your hiring process today.

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