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Assume You’re the 20th Caller – Cold Calls for Staffing

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The most difficult part of making cold calls is actually picking up the phone and doing it.

But staffing firms are doing a great job overall at getting their sales people to roll up their sleeves, smile and dial.

So why are most not leveraging their salesperson’s willingness to make the call, by enabling them to achieve greater success?

Often the company is run with an ancient playbook. There was a day when 50 cold calls drove enough appointments and new business on its own. When dialing for dollars was the beginning and end of getting new prospects in the sales pipeline.  Today, many clients report needing 100 calls to make a single appointment.  But no one has updated that “tried and true” method even as the odds have dropped so low.

And that old playbook has that old script that if the sales rep sticks to, the rest will just take care of itself.

But the reality is, the hiring managers are getting bombarded with staffing reps calling unsolicited. If you’re going to have any success, you need to start with the assumption that they just received 19 calls from staffing firms – congrats, you get to be the 20th!

So that begs the question: How are you going to stand out?

Here are two sample call scripts:

  1. “Hi NAME, this is NAME from ABC Staffing.We have the best office and administrative talent available, and the best process for getting you the right fit. With the record low unemployment, I wanted to see if you needed help with any of your open job orders?”
  2. “Hi NAME, this is NAME from ABC Staffing. I’m the person who’s been mailing you information the last 3 weeks, and I wanted to put a voice with the name today. I’m offering free consultations next week while I meet with your neighbors there. If you have the same challenges as the ones I referenced in the letter I sent, I think there’s a great opportunity to discuss what we see lowering costs and driving better results. First, did you see the letter?”

Which one of those is more likely to sound like the first 19 calls?

But wait!  The 2nd sales rep is cheating, he already sent three pieces of direct mail to get the employer’s attention!  Yep.  The other 19 staffing firms didn’t do that.

You’ll still need to offer compelling value to close the deal, but the first sale is for the appointment.  To get that, you need to break through the hiring manager’s assumption that you are EXACTLY the same as every competitor that interrupts their day again and again.  And trying to cram an elevator pitch into the start of a cold call is the most common (and thus ineffective) way to close that sale.

Haley Marketing does a ton for our clients to drive more inbound leads and reduce the overall dependency on cold calling.  But the need to call still exists.  Why not enable your sales team with a defined process that’s proven, plug and play, and takes full advantage of their courageous effort?

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