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Technology to make great marketing affordable: ATS-Connect

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One API to Rule Them All

At Haley Marketing Group our philosophy is simple: to make great marketing more affordable.

One area our development team has invested in heavily over the past 2 years is our integration with Applicant Tracking Systems. When your jobs are presented seamlessly on your web site, fed out to aggregators like indeed and glassdoor, and applications routed directly back into your ATS, without any intervention, that makes a great experience for you, your candidates and for the Haley Marketing Group team. (Which happens to fit another of our core values, The Rule of 3’s!)

The catch? It’s really hard to do! Every ATS is different. The way each of you use your particular ATS is different. That makes for a great deal of complexity, and a lot of code. We decided early on in planning our strategy for our ATS integrations, that we needed to remove as much of that complexity from our code as we possibly could. That meant we needed to put that complexity somewhere else. We created ATS-Connect to be that place. A sort of black box for ATS integrations. This has turned out to be a truly beautiful thing. We can integrate more quickly with new Applicant Tracking Systems and add new functionality more easily to our core products (the job board, talent showcase and team members plugin to name a few). We have completed ATS-Connect integrations with Bullhorn, eRecruit, GE Healthcare and Tempworks.

Do you have an ATS you’d like us to consider integrating with and would be willing to help us test? Are you a developer interested in an easy way to integrate with multiple Applicant Tracking Systems using a single API? We are looking for beta testers for the fall. Get in touch here!

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