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For most of you, I don’t even need to mention the company name as you already know what company I am talking about. Not only is the iconic slogan celebrating 30 years this year, it is still at the heart of the Nike brand today.

There is a lot of great information about the origin and the evolution of the Just Do It Campaign. It is a fascinating story (and not without its own controversy). I recommend reading the following for a little background on how the Just Do It came about (especially the history piece for a blast from the past of the great TV Ads):

Behind Nike’s Just Do It Campaign

Nike Just Do It the History

How does this apply?

You are probably wondering how this applies to you – and your staffing company. There are some very simple takeaways that can help you create a great brand:

  1. Ties to Company Values – A great brand isn’t just an ad campaign; it should stem directly from the core purpose of the business. A brand becomes the public persona of your company. Or, as Jerome Conlon states in his article, “A brand’s symbolic meaning…is expressed as a field vibration that radiates from the very core of a company.”
  1. Don’t Just Sell a Product – Essentially, Nike sells sneakers (well, and other fitness gear). The Just Do It campaign – or subsequent advertising – does not focus on the product. It evokes an emotional response. Nike taps into the idea that working out (running, weights, etc.) is mood lifting.
  1. Ignore Trends – The Nike brand was launched at a time when the company was struggling (laying off 20% of its workforce), when obesity and procrastination were a problem in American society – and during an economic recession*. By all accounts, there should have been a lower demand for high-priced athletic footwear and apparel. In the decade following the launch of the Just Do It Campaign, Nike increased market share from 18% to 43% (from $877 million to $9.2 billion in worldwide sales).**

*The Brand Brief Behind Nike’s Just Do It Campaign, Jerome Conlon


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