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Stop Making It So Hard for Prospects to Contact You

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…or how to earn more revenue without really trying.

Everything we do for our clients at Haley Marketing – from building some pretty stellar websites and writing informative blog posts to managing our clients’ social media presence and sending out eye-catching newsletters (and more!) – is designed to do one thing: bring prospects to you so you can grow your business.

Every word of copy that differentiates you, every attractive image that gives your visitors insight into your personality, every job, blog post and team bio, every button and link, everything is designed to lead your brand-new visitor to become a prospective client or candidate. You get these prospects through forms, applications and phone calls.

So why would you make it SO HARD for them to get in touch with you?

It’s time to trim the fat.

What do you REALLY need to know from your clients who want to hire an employee from you the very first time they contact you?

What do your new candidates REALLY need to tell you so you can start working with them?

Not all that much.. I promise.

Take a look at the forms on your website. How many questions are you asking these fine people who just want to tell you they want to work with you? Are you making them do more work than is really needed? Is the form really more for your team’s convenience than theirs?

There are three crucial pieces of information you need from a prospect: name, email and phone number. That’s it. Your sales and recruiting teams can take it from there.

A good argument could be made that job seekers need to send a resume and employers should send some information about the position they have available. I’d counter with this: your main goal is to get the contact information. Make it easy for them give it to you! A friendly followup email asking candidates to send their resumes or a phone call to a client to get the job info accomplishes two things: following up with that prospect personally makes them want to work with you more and you have the chance to learn more about them and turn them from a prospect to a warm lead.

Strip your forms down to the bare minimum number of fields. Think carefully about what you really need to know in order to work with this new person. Many studies have shown that the abandonment for a form goes up precipitously with each field someone has to fill out — especially on mobile.

Take a healthy look at your job board application. Fill it out yourself – on both desktop and mobile. Would you be annoyed with all the fields you have to fill out? Your job seekers will be too. I promise.

If your form is easy and quick to fill out and you follow up with the prospect personally, you’ll have started out that relationship on a very positive note.

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