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Spice Up Your Company’s Social Media With These 4 Resources!

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Social media is the perfect place to showcase your company’s services and personality. Whether you’re ready to unveil a new whitepaper or introduce a new employee, there are tools you can use to make this content attract your audience.

What are some good sites and apps to spice up your social media?


Crello is one of my favorite editing tools because it is so easy to use! Crello offers both the option to use premade templates, as well as creating images from scratch. Another great thing? There are SO many templates – animated posts, posters, presentations, email headers, postcards, invitations, Twitter ads, and the list goes on! Crello can be your one-stop shop for all your social media spice up needs! (Desktop only.)


Ready to organize your company’s Instagram – try the Preview app! The Preview app allows you to plan out your Instagram feed. Preview also provides an in-app photo editor with great filters. A Management Decision study shows that people make judgments within 90 seconds of first seeing a person or product and 62 to 90 percent of that judgment is based on color. Lastly, you can also schedule images to get posted on your Instagram directly through the app, so you aren’t fumbling with saving to your camera roll and uploading to yet another app. (Mobile only.)


Thinking about video content? I have you covered. Look no further than the pre-downloaded iMovie app on your iPhone. (Sorry, Android users!) iMovie allows quick access to creating new video projects – both templated and from scratch. You can upload pictures and videos directly from your camera roll, add transitions, and finish it off with some nice music in the background! (Desktop and Mobile)


The closest thing you’ll get to a free Photoshop subscription! Photopea is the perfect (basic) into the world of Adobe Photoshop. Photopea allows you to Photoshop files without the hefty investment into Adobe. Photopea supports drawing tools, adding multiples layers, exporting your work in a PSD format and more! If you’ve ever used Adobe Photoshop, I suggest you check this out! (Desktop only.)

Spicing up your social media is easy – it just starts with an idea. Set a goal for yourself to learn one new skill and implement one new idea a month – you’ll be amazed how quick and easy it is to transform the look of your social media pages!

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