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Measuring Marketing ROI in Staffing (part 1 of 3)

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From direct mail, to email, to your website, there are several easy and effective techniques you can use to measure your success.

If you could take $1,000 and invest it for 60 days and get back $2,000, would you? What if you could get back $10,000? Or $50,000? Of course you would–it’s a no brainer! And that’s why marketing is so important in staffing.

Companies that invest in marketing gain four and a half times more market share than their competitors who do not invest in marketing. But of course, in those times when business is tight, the last thing you can afford to do is waste money. So how can you make sure you’re getting the best bang from your marketing buck? It’s simple. Measure everything!

Measure Your Marketing
The beauty of marketing is that just about everything you do, can and should be measured. While every marketing activity may not translate into immediate sales, there are things you can do to measure the results of all of your activities.

Tracking Tools You Can Use
Here are some examples of useful tools to measure the results of your marketing campaigns:

  • Coded response forms:
    Each piece of direct mail has a response form with a unique code, so that every response can be tied to a specific campaign.
  • Keyed phone numbers:
    This is a special unique phone number that is only used in a specific campaign, allowing you to measure the exact response to that campaign. Oftentimes the phone company offers analytical tracking tools that give detailed information on the calls received at the keyed number.
  • Campaign-specific landing pages:
    Your direct marketing can drive people to a single web page or mini-website created specifically to coincide with the campaign. Using web analytics (such as Google Analytics, which is free) you can see how many people your marketing drove to the web page.
  • PURLs (Personal URLs):
    Your marketing pieces direct recipients to a web page with a URL that is unique to each recipient (e.g., www.abcstaffing.com/JohnDoe). With a PURL, you can track everyone who reacted to your mailer or other direct marketing.
  • E-mail statistics:
    Many e-mail campaigns offer reporting such as open rate, click-thru rate, and opt out rate.
  • Website analytics:
    Tools like Google Analytics can help you track the volume of traffic your marketing is driving to your website–and how those people are using your site.

My next installment will explain measuring Marketing ROI in staffing for Direct Mail campaigns.

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